Roadworthy certificates with Cap Auto Repairs in Rockhampton

For anyone selling a vehicle, getting accurate roadworthy certificates are of the highest level of importance. It’s a good way to assure potential buyers that your vehicle is in the best possible condition before you sell. Cap Auto Repairs can offer thorough inspections that will have your buyers feeling confident that your vehicle is in peak performance shape. Advertising that you have roadworthy certificates can also make selling a car easier to begin with, and will help attract more serious buyers.
Mechanic working on car — Auto Repair in Rockhampton, QLD

When to get roadworthy certificates

Vehicle owners may wish to get roadworthy certificates when they are selling the car, or when their vehicle was previously deemed unacceptable for driving. It involves a thorough inspection and repairs of any problems which could make the vehicle unsafe to drive on public roads, so you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your car is running as smoothly as possible. Even if you aren’t selling your vehicle any time soon, you may wish to get a certification if you want to know for sure that your car is in its best possible shape.

If you want more information on our roadworthy certificates and how to go about getting one for your vehicle, give us a call and one of our car repair specialists will get back to you quickly to discuss your car or truck and its requirements.